What is Mindustha?

This is the post excerpt.


If you are wandering what is this Mindustha then let me brief you about it. Mindustha is the fictional country, a sole creation of mind, Mindustha is a utopia.

In this world filled with chaos and corruption lets analyse, think and look for the reasons for the back drops of our society from the ground level. Let’s look for the right situations to turn our society into Mindustha. And it’s not a one person job so, I will be looking for comments, feedback and suggestions.

This is my first post on this blog which is meant for deep thinkers. I will be writing my heart out whenever, I will get the time. Hope you will enjoy the journey of growing our own minds into multiverses.


Is it time to REVIVE pride in INDIA

India was ruled by British Empire for about two centuries and during that period there influence on our culture was drastic. We lost the pride for our nation. We (Indians) developed a notion and felt Anglo superiority over our own culture and which now had turned into western culture superiority over Indian culture. We find their language better, their clothing better, their customs better and even their way of living better than that of ours. This phenomenon had been deep rooted in us. Since Independence in 1947, India has taken giant leaps in every sector and has proved itself that it is not far behind in anything. We have become the fastest growing economy in the world and now the world leaders are looking at us, but something is lagging behind and that is the pride in the heart of every Indian for its nation.

To bring back that long lost pride in our nation, recently, the government has been taking small steps towards it. Providing Yoga the international platform by devoting an International day to it with U.N. consensus, promotion of Khadi Vastra Udyoog and turning it into a fashion statement for the youth are some of those steps. Promoting indigenous manufacturing by Make in India Campaign is another such small step towards it. Our nation is also proving its metal in the field of space and defense as well. Successful Mars mission and Development of Inter-Continental ballistic missile Agni-V are also some stories which are making us pride for our nation.

Although, there are steps towards revival, but the change is not visible because of the education system which is responsible for rooting these western superiority thoughts in the youth of the nation. There are far less content about the freedom fighters like Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Subhash Chadra Bose, etc in the books then, there is about the Mughal Invasion and British Colonialism. This is the main reason behind the lack of respect for the nation. Moreover, the news channels today are focusing more on the controversies and scams than, they should focus on the success stories and good work done by the government. Military is always portrayed in a negative light whenever, Kashmir is talked about. The efforts made by the soldiers defending our borderlines are always undermined. When soldiers die fighting cold, at -55 degree celcius, in the Siachin Glacier no stories are shown by the news channels. So, all these things are responsible for creating hurdles in reviving pride in the nation.

We as a nation are strong enough to achieve greatness and have pride in it and moreover, we are making endless efforts for it, but the only things stopping us from achieving it, are the ones reaping benefit from serving the opposite. Sooner or later, we have to understand this and have to uproot these elements from the system, only then we can revive the pride in our nation.

Deeds Vs. Fervours

Vedas give us the knowledge of this world and the one beyond it. They tell us about the necessary stuff and why it is so?, they tell us how to lead a life and why to lead so? And the biggest ideology which they and many other Hindu ideologies including Brahamanism perpetuate is Attainment of Moksha(Freedom from the cycle of life and death that is reincarnation). Indeed, Hinduism believes in the rebirth of every human form and that too based on his/her deeds. It’s called KARMA, ones karma is the whole summation of ones good deeds and bad deeds of this and all the lives lived. And based on that any life form is provided to all the living beings. The highest life form is human and ones born a Hindu one should not miss the opportunity of converting it into Moksha as it takes a lot of good deeds to become a human being in the first place but, I think human form is going down the line the increasing crime rate across are just the signs of increasing capabilities of human being to turn into a monster. In India itself an increased cases of child abuse and human trafficking signals towards a depriving society.

If you are mistaken in thinking that this world is a place run by moral standards then, you are on the surface, you need to dive deep to see what is the reality. Everything that you have been thinking is just a created false image of the society to keep the like ones of you in to line, to keep you busy with the work and good, when on the other hand everything is done through huge planning and game theory models which includes strategies which take no consideration of your moral values.

Keeping all that aside, we might want to give another look into that Karma thing because these days we have a new parameter of classifying human beings(herds of sheep for the ones sitting on the top) and according to it, people are of two types, the old ones and the new ones. The old ones (not by age but by dumb mind sets) who are lead by religious beliefs (basically the ones following the voices of the oppressed, of the past, simply the ones who look for answers in the religion for everything, not even capable of making rational decisions based on the surroundings) or they are selfish (like most of us semi-religious people who keep their sanctity and faith in religion as long as it doesn’t interfere with there goals). Unlike the past, this new breed is not lead by the fear of God anymore. So, we can conclude that their is no moral sense in whatever, this new breed chooses to do but, as a whole as a society nothing has changed. If anyone is caught doing immoral act (sexual intercourse, money laundering, etc) public shaming is the usual reaction of the society for that person. Sandeep Kumar of Aam Aadmi Party is just one such example. Everyone is involved in these activities these days but, nothing has changed actually it’s not a new phenomenon, the new is the acceptance of it in society. As another AAP MLA Ashutosh Singh jumped in to protect his colleague’s rights. It is clear that people are opening up to these things which are ones considered taboo in the great Indian Society. So, are these deeds not bad anymore, is this Karma not bad as per the new parameters of judgments? Well! This is a question which has never been answered and will remain unanswered unless, the commons change there mindset towards looking up to people. No human is great enough to be considered superior than ourselves.